Bid Solicitation

If you are serious about moving forward with your decision to go solar, we can help take the “sales” out of the process. read more

Feasibility Studies

We firmly believe that before a potential owner buys any solar system, the owner’s facilities or site should be evaluated to determine if a solar system is feasible and if it makes economic sense.  The purpose is not to sell a solar system, but to determine what is best for the owner. read more

Engineering & Design

We are very strong in engineering and can take a feasibility project definition and develop a preliminary design, or a more comprehensive design. We provide engineering solutions that not only generate solar energy, but also minimize the impact on the client’s facility and operations and maintenance costs. read more

Technology Assessment

The heart of any good solar design is understanding the available technologies and selecting the best solution for the specific application without favoritism. Large commercial or utility-scale solar systems are rarely duplicated from one site to another. Every site is different physically.  read more

Project Management

Project management is one of our core skills.  We can manage the project execution of a solar project on behalf of a client from the initial feasibility through selection of contractors, procurement, project installation, commissioning, and close out. read more

Other Services and Expertise

Expert Witness:  Our extensive knowledge of the solar industry, products, suppliers, contractors, and real world applications enable us to offer comprehensive and unbiased evaluations.

Industry Assessments:
  We provide assessments for third party investors and Venture Capitalists interested in independent evaluations of solar industry products and ventures.

Business Strategies:   We have experience in developing business strategies for new or established companies wishing to develop market niches.  Our resources include business strategy consultants who excel at modeling. We bring an in-depth knowledge of the “real world” of the solar industry to the evaluation process.