Bid Solicitation and Proposal Writing

If you are serious about moving forward with a solar project, we can help take the “sales” out of the process.


In a typical sales interaction, two to five “salespeople” compete for a sale by placing a bid. Each bid requires conducting site visits, usually one to two visits each, developing a proposal and making a presentation. Often times the bids propose different technologies, which make it difficult to compare the merits of each bid. We, as your PV Engineering Consultant, can manage the bid solicitation process and assure consistency among proposals. In addition, you can be confident that your system is being designed by an experienced engineer looking after your best interests instead of a salesperson.


Here is how the process works:


We first visit your site and perform a feasibility assessment to define the project scope that best meets your needs and specific site situation.


Next, on your behalf, we will write a site specific bid specification and request proposals from multiple installation contractors. You can expect the bid presentation process to be a much more pleasant experience. Rather than being bombarded with 3 to 5 high intensity sales “pitches”, you can expect a low-pressure discourse, confident that the bids will be presented in a common format because of the tightly written specification. The specification will result in normalized bids, where differences in system capacity, efficiency, energy production, and assumptions for permitting fees, sales taxes, and other costs are transparent and quantified in ways to make comparisons easier.


We can assist you in selecting the best bid for your situation based on our comprehensive knowledge and experience with solar technologies, installers, and other relevant factors.


From the perspective of those submitting a proposal for a solicitation request, we can help make your proposal stronger by reviewing and critiquing it or by participating in its writing.  Having evaluated many thousands of proposals, we know what makes proposals successful.