Engineering & Design

Preliminary Designs: We are very strong in engineering and can take a project feasibility definition and develop a preliminary design, or a more comprehensive design. We provide engineering solutions that not only generate solar energy, but also minimize the impact on the client’s facility and operations and maintenance costs.  We have full access to colleagues who are registered electrical, structural, mechanical, and civil engineers.

Architect-Engineer (A-E) Support: Many years of building design experience has positioned us to relate to architects and the design process so that we can contribute as an effective design team member.  We provide solar design expertise to assist A-E’s in scoping out and designing solar systems.

Technical Specifications:
  We develop technical specifications for Request for Proposals and other solicitation documentation.  Many years of experience in Government procurement enables us to write specifications that allow enough flexibility for open competition while, at the same time, define criteria that simplify comparisons among proposals.


Design Review:  We review designs by others to determine if they are not only technically correct but also cost effective.  We find that many large scale designs are weak in underground DC and medium voltage AC designs as well as utility interconnection features.  We can double check these design details or perform the designs ourselves.