Feasibility Studies

We firmly believe that before a potential owner buys any solar system, the owner’s facilities or site should be evaluated to determine if a solar system is feasible and if it makes economic sense.  The purpose is not to sell a solar system, but to determine what is best for the owner.

For a typical feasibility study, we will first interview you to determine your needs and limitations and obtain historical electric utility bills. We then will visit your site and assess its physical features.  If a roof mounted system is desired, we will, at a minimum, inspect the available roof area and roof membrane condition, assess the existing electrical system, and evaluate shade issues.  If a ground mount is desired, we will assess the available areas for topography, site conditions, shading, and electrical interconnection points.  We then will closely evaluate your electric bills to determine your electric usage and the optimum system size.  For a facility with Time of Use rates, we will size a system to displace the most expensive energy to achieve the greatest economic value for each increment of solar investment.

The proposed solar solution will consider all available solar technologies, system configurations, and solar system costs to arrive at the optimum system size for your budget and site conditions.